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UN INSTANT  DE LUMIÈRE was created in Paris in 2007 by the photographer François LOLLICHON. The latter, at the age of 13, has a clear interest in photography. He studies self-study and then acquires know-how with professionals of the image. In addition to his passion for photography, he began studies in the scientific field, and completed a course in Paris in biophysics.


Literally, photography means "burning the light" and the term "instantaneous" is used to evoke a shot.
Light echoes matter literally as well as a plethora of abstractions in the figurative sense: we speak of a luminous idea, the century of lights ...

Light shapes matter and the photographer immortalizes the moment.

François LOLLICHON - Author Photographer, subject to the regime of artists authors AGESSA NAF code: 923 A N ° SIRET: 500947148 00010

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